Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christine Price Handbags Now on Sale

Haute Moms Rule

Only the talented, highly skilled “Haute” are given the privilege to show off their goods in bags which shout out women’s special multi-tasking abilities. No need to imagine it, you are now able to schlep all your personal goods as well as your little ones bare necessities in these stylish bags that look too posh to be a laptop or diaper bag. Bragging rights include being made of the best quality calfskin leather, top grain canvas, jacquard or tweed, and coming in a variety of colors like Espresso, Pink, Walnut, Berry and Cream complete with gold or nickel hand finished hardware. And for those of you who like it “easy,” the convenient lining has a pocket for everything which is a lifesaver with plenty of room for survival aids such as the cell phone, laptop or diapers, bottle and personal items. Even women who aren’t moms will want to carry them . . .they’re haute!