Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Selecting Your Handbag

Selecting Your Handbag

Primary Handbag

The primary handbag is the single most important piece of your wardrobe. This handbag is the one that you carry every day. So when you think about it; it’s worth it to spend a little more to find a fashionable handbag that you are passionate about. The primary handbag will get more play than any of your other handbags. Handbags make statements about who you are. You may not realize this as a fact but it’s true. It is not about the name of the bag, per say but about the color, texture, size, style rolled up into one. When you get ready to step out in that brand new outfit, always make sure that the handbag accentuates your outfit. Our peers check for bags over wardrobes.

Secondary Handbags
Most secondary handbags are women most prize possessions. This year why not have some fun with some lively colors such as yellow, green and rose tote; or flirty yellow or green clutch? These handbags are the stepping out for the “Alive at Five” outings. The simply switch bag that women keep in the trunk of the cars, in the back seat, or have a secret compartment in their primary bag for them. To boldly carry what no woman has carried before is the objective of the secondary bag.

Evening Bags
Every woman should have four classic clutches on-hand to fall back on. They are black patent or leather, silver metallic, gold metallic and multi color such as black/white. With these four clutches, a night on the town, or that exclusive dinner party, would be absolutely fabulous. The glitter and sparkle of the clutch bag would send the message of classy and sassy. A night on the town, the hottest club on the scene, even the smallest clutches to carry lipstick, keys and cell-phone are essential. Remember ladies; match the clutch with the shoes.