Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Seasons Trends 2009

The Color to Desire: Mimosa
Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit. Color researchers believe color Yellow to increase self-esteem and strengthen the overall well-being. Yellow color wakes up the room like the rising sun.
Picture yourself on the Sunday morning brunch sipping on a mimosa. Tall stem flute that sparkles and shines and makes the bold statement that you are fabulous.

The colors for this season are brights and neutrals. Saturated brights, sulphur, electric blue, flashy orange, purple pink with a colored greys and classics.

Earrings: Hoops or Studs
Whatever you accessorize with, you wear it well. When you are putting together that one of a kind ensemble, do you select hoops or studs?

The hoop is makes your ensemble have the full effect. The size of the hoop that you chose depends on the statement you are trying to make. Whether they are hanging to your shoulder, right below the earlobe, studded with diamonds, hoops bring the pain.

The woman of elegance selects the studs for her event.
Studs are a classic, and timeless. This season is all about glamour, and the diamond studs send the message that you have arrived. Today’s earrings are about getting noticed and making a statement — a look that has been absent for more than a decade.

Necklaces: Chokes to Loops
The fashion world changes everyday and so should your neckwear. Dazzle all that see you with beautiful necklines from layered looks to choke holds, styles that work well with whatever you have.

Be daring and fun with pearls, diamonds, and beads. Layered looks are hot this year. Can you imagine walking into a premier with you Marc Jacob ensemble and some layered pearls around your neck? Make a statement and let the world know that you have arrived. Walk into the Golden Globes with that one of a kind diamond necklace that everyone mouths drops open when you walk by.

Bangles: More or Less
Strands of gold bangles will add glamour to your attire. Looking back in the day when big earrings and gold chains were a symbol of style. Accessories do matter and they complete your look. You may want to keep it simple and have the one special bangle that makes a statement saying that you have arrived. Wooden bangles are in now and some have diamond accents that make a statement.

Get away from the ordinary. Stack them up. Stackable bangles are always a sophisticated look.

Handbags: Classy to Sassy
Bags of style can be versatile. Bright clutches for evening wear, roomy handbags for shopping, elegant small bags for office – just everything you like that represents you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bags. The paparazzi are always waiting to catch a glimpse of the next best thing. Clutch bags are the new the trendiest this year. Step out with the latest colors, shapes and size clutch, under your arm or holding it in your hand.

Stiletto: Mesmerizing
Fashion is nothing without the footwear. Show stopping, leg watching star studded stilettos make the street under your feet go POW! Walking the catwalk is an everyday experience that most heel stopping chicks know.

Stepping on the town, making a statement is what most females like to do. If you do it in a wedge, studded or elevated stiletto, you will make a statement. The world is your oyster and you can claim your place with some mesmerizing shoes.

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